You have come, to be made of a woman. Galatians 4:4; Hebrews 2:14; Genesis 3:15; Isaiah 7:14.

This Affection is offered up to the throne of OUR LORD GOD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.

I worship and adore You, O Christ my Beloved, together with Your Father and the Holy Spirit, for You have come and saved me.

-2 Free Prayerbooks-


The First Christian Prayer-book.


This classic devotional prayer book, for private and personal adoration, is reworded for you to be alone with your Beloved, and is easy to use and read. This new Protestant edition is dedicated to the men and women of the Reformation. Based on the conviction of the Bible and Christ alone.
Throughout the day, at special selected hours, set Him apart from the world as you pray the Psalms and words of worship and adoration, including ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘The Nicene Creed’ and ‘The Jesus Prayer’ and ‘The Trisagion Prayer’ and other hymns of the Christian faith. 
All the words of the Psalms are from the KJV Bible (Pure Cambridge Edition). All of the other prayers, poems and hymns have been reworded to fit the intent of this book. CLICK HERE for the free download of this book in PDF form, with an active table of contents. Kindle edition is here. Two different printed editions are available at 



  ‘A Method for Prayer’ by Matthew Henry -1710 edition is free at Scribd. and mobi format for kindle and Smashwords the Apple iBook store and Nook.

Free King James Bible, click here ePub and mobi for kindle.

The home site for ‘A Method for Prayer’ -the 1710 edition, there is a daily blog from the book, follow by email or RSS feed- here

A free PDF instant download of ‘A Method for Prayer’ -the 1710 edition, by Matthew Henry is available. With an enlarged fully active table of contents- click here

‘A Method for Prayer’ -the 1710 edition is the Puritan writer Matthew Henry‘s world renowned Christian classic. ‘A Method for Prayer’ is a Bible-based prayerbook, it was written as a Bible companion and reference for daily devotions. It is now newly transcribed from the 1710 originals, into a classic prayer-book format with wide margins, and with all the cross references from Matthew Henry’s original. With modernized spelling and all of the nine divisions of the book;  1-Adoration of God, 2-Confession of Sin, 3-Petitions and Requests, 4-Thanksgivings for Mercy, 5-Intercession for Others, 6-Occasional Addresses to God, 7-The Conclusion of Prayer, 8-A Paraphrase on the Lord’s Prayer, 9-Some forms of Prayer.

With added devotional prayers and Bible study aids from the publisher/author of this new blue expanded edition. –Featuring a collection of 700 short devotional prayers (with their biblical references) to the Godhead of Jesus Christ called ‘My Affection’ (that is, proclamations and praises of his many names, titles and attributes; being with you in worship and adoration before his throne, (Isaiah 6:1-3 & Revelation 4:1-11 & Revelation 19:5-7) as you think upon them throughout the day and meditate in the night watches; God has said in Philippians 4:8 & Psalm 63:6.) – A poetic setting of Psalm 119. –An Introduction to My Affection, by John Owen. –A Glossary containing 2400 words of the King James Bible. –And a daily Bible reading plan.

A free audiobook of ‘A Method for Prayer’

Chapter 1- Adoration of God

Chapter 2- Confession of Sin

Chapter 3- Petitions and Requests

Chapter 4- Thanksgivings for Mercy

Chapter 5- Intercession for Others

Chapter 6- Occasional Addresses to God

Chapter 7- The Conclusion of Prayer

Chapter 8- A Paraphrase on the Lord’s Prayer

Chapter 9- Some Forms of Prayer




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