You are the dear Son of the Father. Colossians 1:13; Isaiah 42:1; Matthew 3:17 & 17:5; John 3:35 & 17:24; Ephesians 1:6.



Always free eBook and free audiobook of ‘A Method for Prayer’ by the puritan Christian writer Matthew Henry, who also wrote a commentary on the whole Bible.

‘A Method for Prayer’ audiobook will always be free at-

Chapter 1- Adoration

Chapter 2- Confession of sin

Chapter 3- Petitions and requests

Chapter 4- Thanksgiving

Chapter 5- Intercession

Chapter 6- Addresses to God upon particular occasions

Chapter 7- Conclusion of our prayers

Chapter 8- A paraphrase on the Lord’s prayer

Chapter 9- Some forms of prayer


‘A Method for Prayer’ eBook is always free to download at-




Smashwords (this site has an ePub file and a mobi file for kindle)-

Scribd. (this PDF file is from the printed book, and has a fully active table of contents)-


A printed prayerbook at the cost price-


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