Free eBook for the classic prayer book “A Method for Prayer” 1710 edition, by Matthew Henry

A Method for Prayer



Click hereto own your free personal copy of ‘A Method for Prayer’ by Matthew Henry in PDF format -with a fully active table of contents. A printed edition is at A kindle edition is available here.

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CLICK HERE to own your free personal copy of the classic devotional book ‘The Book of Hours’

It has been created for you to be alone with your Beloved, and is easy to use and read. This new Protestant edition is dedicated to the men and women of the Reformation. Based on the conviction of the Bible and Christ alone.

Throughout the day, at special selected hours, set Him apart from the world as you pray the Psalms and words of worship and adoration, including ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘The Nicene Creed’ and ‘The Jesus Prayer’ and…

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Behold, you are alive for evermore, Amen. Revelation 1:18 & 4:9 & 5:14; Hebrews 7:16.

From ‘My Affection’ in

Matthew Henry‘s renowned prayer book ‘A Method for Prayer’ 1710 edition. Newly typed with poetic formatting of the classics. With additional prayer and Bible helps -As a Glossary of 2400 words of the KJV, -A devotional work of prayers to Jesus Christ, called My Affection, –Psalm 119 written in poetic form, -and a daily Bible reading plan.

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